I’m Still a Member of Swapo – Oshakati Mayor


By William Mbangula


Oshakati Mayor Katrina Shimbulu has again dismissed as untrue allegations that she is barred from attending the Swapo Congress next Tuesday because of her alleged links to the new Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP).

She also dismissed as malicious a list of names in which she is included.

“I am still a full and dedicated member of Swapo and I am prepared to go to the congress because I have met all the necessary requirements to attend.

“Anyone who needs information about my status should consult Swapo Party Regional Coordinator Erastus Uutoni and the District Coordinator Erastus Kapolo. How can they accuse me unfairly?” she complained.

On the list of names, Shimbulu challenged those who are responsible to tell the nation where she was found, what she was doing and where she has signed in order to be suspected as a member or supporter of the RDP.

Shimbulu said she has never met anyone talking about RDP and has no intention whatsoever to meet anyone to discuss the party. ” As far as I am concerned, the idea of forming RDP is a foolish one and I have no time to be associated with it.

“I would like also to call upon media practitioners to stick to the ethics of journalism by trying to balance their stories. They cannot drag my name through dirt without even talking to me in order to give my side of the story.”

Swapo Party Coordinator in Oshana Erastus Uutoni said the mayor contrary to a news report would attend the congress as initially planned.

“We do not have any suspicion about her and we have not done anything which will indicate that she has been removed or will be removed from the list of delegates to the congress.

“I further would like to emphasize that those forming their political parties should refrain from smearing other people’s names through dirty tricks such as misinforming the nation about the status of the delegates to the Swapo Congress.”

Eenhana Councillor Max Karlous Shinohamba confirmed that Swapo Secretary Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange visited Eenhana only to inform them about the arrangements and procedures of the congress but nothing else.

As far as he is concerned, stated Shinohamba, he is going to the congress and has not heard anything about being barred from attending.

Engela Councillor Nghidinihamba Urias Ndilula, who appeared to be irritated by the questions, also denied any knowledge of an attempt to remove him from the list or make him sign an oath.

According to Ndilula, he heard about the alleged request to sign the oath and removal from the list from this reporter for the first time.

“I am at Oihangu, we normally get the newspapers very late and as a result I have not seen the newspaper and heard the news you are talking about.

“If there is anything coming I need to be told through the party organs,” he said.

Helao Nafidi Mayor Medusalem Handjaba told New Era he has never been a delegate to the Swapo congress before and was never invited this time around to attend the congress.

Therefore, he could not see any reason why speculation is rife that he was removed from the list.

Handjaba acknowledged that a meeting took place at Eenhana but he does not know what was discussed at the meeting since he did not attend.

“I was invited to attend the meeting at Eenhana but due to my teaching commitment I was at school and I could not make it. It is the end of the year and could not go leaving a heavy load of work behind. But I gave my excuse that was well taken by the people who called the meeting.” Handjaba, who is a teacher at Oshikango Combined School, told New Era that he is still a member of Swapo.

It was earlier reported that some Swapo regional and local councilors were summoned to sign an oath of allegiance or requested to ”jump before being pushed” because of suspicions that they are linked to the newly launched RDP of Hidipo Hamutenya and Jesaya Nyamu.


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