War Vets Plan Protests


By Surihe Gaomas


Members of the War Veteran Association who are demanding compensation for the years they spent in exile could take to the streets a day before the Swapo Party Congress, one of their spokespersons has said.

The group plans to hold a rally on Saturday to decide on the planned protest on the grounds that Government has failed to meet a deadline to respond to a raft of demands.

The deadline set was Tuesday.

Assistant Coordinator of the National Committee on the Welfare of Ex-Combatants, Matheus Nangolo, informed New Era yesterday that the rally will allow the ex-fighters to decide what action to take regarding to the non-payment of compensation by the Government.

“People are tired of waiting, because we’ve been waiting for a very long time now for our money. We are now serious and like we said before, we want our money first, then we can talk about the housing project later. The deadline for Government’s response was November 20, but till now we have received no reply,” said Nangolo.

The ex-fighters stand by their original demands that in line with to the National Defence Force salary, they must each receive N$32ǟ


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