Women-Stripping Healer Sent Packing



A traditional healer has been given four days to leave the Kavango Region due to his practice of demanding that female patients should be naked when he treats them.

It is alleged that Sifuniso Linus Sitwala a.k.a ‘Dr Mulatiwa’ obliges women to be naked during treatment.

The practice, which has raised anger among residents, prompted the community to request that ‘Dr Mulatiwa’ be sent back to the Caprivi Region where he comes from.

Mulatiwa is a Silozi word for darling or lover.

Residents said the traditional healer’s practice of undressing women during treatment is ‘morally and ethically wrong and unacceptable’.

“We have never seen a traditional healer who heals women by undressing them,” complained one woman who requested anonymity.

Following residents’ outcry, ‘Dr Mulatiwa’ was brought before the Shambyu Traditional Authority on Sunday and fined N$3ǟ


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