Kavango Green Scheme Projects Thrive


By Emma Kakololo


The Governor of the Kavango region, John Thighuru, is satisfied with progress achieved by the green scheme projects so far with the region set to become the country’s major “fruit and vegetable basket” by 2030.

In an interview recently the Governor said at Uvhungu-vhungu farm, in which the Government owns 50 percent, crop production has increased from 5.5 tonnes to 9.5 tonnes per hectare, while meat production has increased from 4.4 to 7.3 tonnes. Milk production has also increased by 200 litres to 800 litres per day.

“The farm also provides drinking water to the community of Uvhungu-vhungu, though the water is unsafe as it is drawn from the river without purification,” he said.

He said Uvhungu-vhungu farm, which provides the community with water, was in need of five more water tanks and a five-kilometre pipe network to meet community demand.

Thighuru said 14ǟ


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