Sorry Ngo! – Come January I Promise I Won’t be Broke


John Ekongo

If truth be told, most of us black folks, have not been taught much about the value of saving, unless you invest all your money in ongoombe nooshipululo. Me included.

One major drawback among my people – from the executive tribe, to the limping nation, down to the fighting race and the other races in between – is that we find it easy to make it through the festive season then it is an uphill battle come January.

My good friend and lone ranger at a vernacular daily paper, Theo Gurirab, sometime three weeks ago penned that in order for you to survive the spending thrift you have to be wise enough to start saving up for Christmas as early as January. So that when the bonus cheque comes, you can actually stash it for January, so simple.

Well, it is not very easy for some of us not raised in below a dollar living line, so you will understand if we get the money, especially in December, it must blown off.

Nonetheless, to take Theo’s advice now will be difficult so I have devised tips on how to handle your finances in anticipation of the January disease for my fellow big time spenders.

It was against this idea that my consultancy, DUMB Solution, came up with a brilliant foolproof solution to counter the festive season spending.

I have called it Sorry Ngo survival tips for the usually broke black Namibian brother and sister, December – January Edition

Under no circumstance must you remain at work during the December-January period, rather go on leave and stay home. That way, you don’t have to spend on taxi fares every day to and fro work. Just make sure that you have enough food in the house, otherwise you will starve. You won’t have money to go to town and seriously, that is one hell of situation you don’t want to find yourself in.

If you visit the elders at the village or like us boys from town, just buy them enough mealie-meal, Hugo fruit Jam, peanut butter and soups that way you can justify that “Ouma ek het nie geld nie maar, ek het vir jou bietjie kos saam gebring”. Don’t forget the tobacco.

By the way, if you owe moneylenders and they are holding your ATM card, go to your bank and report your card stolen so that they stop block it. Come month-end, the loan sharks get the shock of their lives.

One area that you can save on as well ǟ


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