Selected Namibian Poetry


Analine van Wyk

The Masterpiece, an Interpretation

A perfect picture crafted with awesome oil
transformed into colours of perfection
by the hands of the artist
who paints without pictures
and verbalises the soundless word.

The search of a healing heart, a wounded heart,
searching for peace, relief, revival.

A personal story of distorted reflections of coercion
and unfulfilling complexities searching for comfort.

Enslaved by events from the past, aggravation of impatience,
addiction, insecurity, shame, fear, untamed pain.

Chasing the comfort of joy, acceptance, infatuation, pride, hope,
character and a simple, pure, loving existence of acceptance.

The Masterpiece
squeal of substandard relationships,
seeking for redemption,
a devotion to joy.

A work of art creating for purification and simplification,
a blessed expression of insight and enlightenment.

Hanging on the wall of fame,
creating by the game of flame,
to overcome the shame and stop the blame.

Images crying for fulfilment,
weeping for a life devoted to contentment,
triumph and wealth.

A liberation from resentment, envy, status,
hatred, riches, control, lack of self-belief, rage.

The Masterpiece…
an escape from hallucinations and paranoia
created by past, painful experiences, a restless persona.

Creation of hope transforming into a life of superfluity.
An amazing, mature adulthood.
A life filled with faith, inner guidance, and creativity.
Blossoming into a reality of aspiration.

A perfect cosmic existence…the masterpiece.

– Colours of Emotion

Colours of emotion
flowing into the natural movement of commotion,
an expression of reflection and affection,
salvation flying on the waves of attraction,
driven by motion of tranquillity.

That night in a strangers bedroom we met,
that night, oh, that night,
a night filled with colours of desire,
yearning colours…of emotion
craving colours…of emotion
longing colours…of emotion
wanting colours…of emotion
wishing colours…of emotion
aspiring colours…of emotion

Having an exhibition of emotions,
sensitivity in motion,
tasting, feeling, touching, smelling,
playing music on the snares of energy.
searching for the essence of each other’s souls,
by touching, kissing and caressing,
strangers intertwining to oneness.

Colours of contentment
Colours of power
Colours of abundance
Colours of strength
entwining into colours of emotion
Exploding colours…of emotion
Vibrating colours…of emotion
Innate colours…of emotion

Resonation, vibration, energy in motion
Is it a fool’s thing … no, no, no, it’s a brave thing
A wise thing, a colourful thing
An emotional thing.

Colours of emotion, e…m…o…t…i…o…n
Flowing into the natural movement of commotion
An expression of reflection and affection,
Salvation flying on the waves of attraction,
Driven by motion of tranquillity


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