Alleged Wife Butcher Still Being Probed


By Anna Shilongo


The Namibian police are still investigating the case in which a Kenyan male nurse, Kenneth Bunge Orina, 34, is accused of brutally murdering his wife.

Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Angula Amulungu said he was waiting for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to give feedback on the progress made thus far.

“I cannot comment on this case now, I was out of office and I first have to wait to be briefed by the CID commissioner before I communicate with any media,” said Amulungu.

New Era also learnt from a reliable source that the Namibian police have approached the Kenyan High Commission to locate the relatives of the presumed victim to come and identify the deceased.

Kenyan High Commissioner to Namibia Rose Boit confirmed that the police did approach them for possible location of the butchered woman’s family.

Boit said: “It’s true the Namibian police contacted our office and we are just waiting for them to give us the go-ahead once they complete their investigation, but at the moment, we cannot interfere with their investigation.

We have to be patient,” said Boit.

“This is a very sensitive case that needs to be handled with care. We should also think of the relatives and the bereaved family,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, Orina who is suspected to be the mastermind behind the disappearance of his wife, as well as the killer of the woman whose remains were found dumped in the Grootfontein area early September, is still in police custody.

Dismembered body parts of a woman were found in black plastic bags in Grootfontein in September, and were initially wrongly identified as those of Jacoba Wilma Olivier.

Orina, who is charged with murder, worked at the Grootfontein State Hospital where he stayed with his Kenyan wife at the nurses’ home.

He came into the country through the recruitment exercise of Kenyan nurses between the Namibian and Kenyan governments. He has been in state employment for several months.

Orina and his wife were reportedly having marital problems, and according to a source Orina’s wife was in and out of the Grootfontein police station with complaints in July. She apparently complained that her husband would at times strangle her at night while she slept, using hand gloves.

She apparently appealed for protection from the police, but when she was advised to lay a charge against her husband, she never came back to the station.

A reliable source also revealed that during the arrest of Orina, pieces of theatre equipment that are not supposed to leave the theatre were found in his locker at work.

Orina made his first appearance in the Grootfontein Magistrates’ Court earlier this month.

His case has been remanded to February 14 next year, pending further investigations and to allow him to secure legal representation.


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