UNAM Students Exhibit at National Gallery


By Herklaas Viljoen


All art enthusiasts are cordially invited to the opening of the Annual Student Art Exhibition of the Visual Arts Department at the University of Namibia, to be held at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on Tuesday at 19h00.

This year, the student exhibition is complemented by the Nokia Only Planet Student Exhibition, which is the result of a joint project involving students of the Visual Arts Department, the John Muafangejo Art Centre and the Polytechnic of Namibia. The exhibition runs until November 25.

The selection of artworks, produced this year by Visual Arts Department students, represents an overview of the six major disciplines offered by the department. Apart from encouraging creative proficiency, the department accentuates a theoretical foundation in both Western and African visual culture, and an entrepreneurial application to the Namibian arts industry.

This year’s exhibition does not only show works of an exceptional quality in various disciplines, but it also incorporates interesting approaches to important social issues. Reflecting departmental policy, social interest is an important motivation in the work of the students, which always promises to provide the visitor with thought-provoking substance.

In addition to the exhibition at the NAGN, final year students’ work will be presented to external moderators in the UNAM Campus Gallery from November 26, 2007.

The Visual Arts Department acknowledges the generous contribution of:

1. Standard Bank Namibia. Standard Bank has made an invaluable financial contribution to the department’s operational efficiency. Not only is Standard Bank a valued donor of bursaries annually to the department’s committed students, it further broadened its contribution from 2007 with an added sponsorship to assist the department in its day-to-day studio activities and exhibition programme.

2. The Finnish Embassy enabled the Visual Arts Department to host an inter-institutional seminar, introducing the Nokia Only Planet project in 2007.

Students from the John Muafangejo Art Centre and the Polytechnic of Namibia joined the UNAM students in this project, which was co-sponsored by Nokia Corporation. The Finnish assistance also allowed participation of UNAM staff and students in the Finnish Fashion Week and to hold discussions with the University of Art & Design in Helsinki this year.

3. The Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre supported the visit of a guest artist/lecturer from France, Pierre Leguillon, who did a very stimulating project with the department’s students, involving the manipulation of images.

4. UNAM Management is acknowledged for its committed and ongoing support of the Visual Arts Department’s initiatives to stay viable and industry-related, including the department’s inter-institutional partnerships, student exhibitions and community outreach, which are important endeavors for its professional and academic profile.


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