Newspaper Adverts Misleading


ALLOW me to express my concern in your famous newspaper. Your advertisement department needs to scrutinise carefully what advert should appear in your newspaper for the sake of our nation. People pay when they advertise something in your newspaper. In your New Era of October 31, 2007, you advertised two destructive adverts concerning two powerful traditional healers.

They promise they can cure diseases and solve complicated court cases. Your newspaper is subsidised by the government with our money, as taxpayers.

The government established the courts, which these healers are fighting against through your newspaper.

We have people being killed every day by unknown killers, maybe protected by these fugitive healers. Don’t you feel pain if you read or hear news about these unusual events happening everyday?

Don’t you have a heart to feel sympathy with fellow Namibians who are crying every day for their beloved one who are being killed and their body parts thrown away in bushes?

You should stop to accepting this kind of advertisement in our important and famous newspaper right now!! Our government should hunt down these fugitives who are trying to persuade criminals to defeat the courts and justice in our country.

They should be deported without hesitation as happened to the Americans who wanted to recruit our dear ex-combatants to go to Iraq. They deserve a deportation. They are trying to mislead our people.

Do not tell me that it is their right to advertise their products. There is no such right to mislead and confuse our nation.

Editor, do not focus only on the money they are paying but consider and judge the implications, influence, danger or destruction the advert might cause to our beloved nation.

Be careful and responsible you are not a scarecrow but a competent editor!!

In our Namibia, we do not want anyone joking, pretending or maybe truly tempering with our courts or justice system, such as powerful traditional healers. Pack today and go back to your countries we do not accommodate criminals here in Namibia. We need justice to be done in our courts and criminals to be punished accordingly!! Yes!! Heeno!!

Yours faithfully
Moshesh Thomas
P/Bag 2161
Karas Region


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