Bye-bye to ‘Cognac for Life’


Kuvee Kangueehi

Finally, we have found a political home for all the unemployed Namibians. With the unemployment rate standing at more than 40%, the new party, Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) should enjoy huge support and at least get 20 seats in parliament.

Just before you start celebrating all you folks from Katutura, Havana, and Okahandja Park or at the Windhoek Street Corners and all the shacks around the country, you do not qualify to be part of this party.

This party is for all the former diplomats, ministers, deputy ministers, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), senior government and municipal officers, previous multi-millionaires who can no longer get their hands on government tenders.

After lavishing in riches for more than 15 years together with their close family members and friends, they have suddenly realized that all is not well in this country.

They finally realized that unemployment is high and the economy is declining. But for some of us, things have always been this way. The song you are singing now is an old one.

You guys are not the victims of the system. At least, for the past 15 years, you have secured yourself big pension packages that you have designed; luxury houses, farms to retire to and your children are on government bursaries.

We have witnessed how your children at nightclubs declared “Cognac for life” as they toasted and danced the night away.

The unemployed might be poor but they are not stupid. For a start please, I beg you, admit that you were part of this creation. You thrived on it, you contributed to it and you made the nightmare for the unemployed longer.

If you claim that this country is in a mess, admit that you played a leading role in creating the mess and for a good 15 years, protected and benefited from the mess.

One wonders whether if they were still part of the system they would have addressed the unemployment we see in the country, or whether they would have continued to protect and milk the system.

It is not lonely outside Swapo but you might never realise it, it is difficult and ‘zula for life’. (Oh, for the RDP members, zula means begging, you might not be familiar with the word.

But since the RDP is looking for the vote from the poor in order to go back to parliament and have their hands on the cake and toast ‘Cognac for life’ before crying foul again after 15 years, you have my vote.

Sorry for being suspicious, but as the saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots.

See you at the rally, but please not a local hotel, the security guards never allow us in.



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