Heavy Rains Fall in Caprivi


By Reagan Malumo


The rains that drenched many parts of the Caprivi Region last week have raised farmers’ hope for a good crop.

Most farmers are eager to start cultivating their fields, but are hampered by lack of maize seed. The farmers depend on crop cultivation for their livelihood.

By the end of last week, some farmers were seen preparing to leave for their villages to prepare their fields and start ploughing.

Alfred Mutakalilumo is one of the prominent farmers that seem to have taken advantage of the prevailing wet conditions.

“I have already started wetland ploughing and have already covered five hectares,” said Mutakalilumo, who has a 70-hectare plot in the fertile Lake Lyambezi area where yields are above average.

The farmer has also started preparing his tractors and farming implements. He predicts a good maize harvest.

He said floods reduced his yield to 500 bags of maize last season but expects between 1ǟ


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