Two More Art Smart Partnerships Signed


By Frederick Philander


“Following the conclusion of a very successful Summer Festival, I would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to the singing of the two new smart partnerships between the Bank Windhoek Arts Festival and the Swakopmunder Musikwoche as well as the Arts Association Heritage Trust.”

So said Marlize Horn, the Head of Marketing at Bank Windhoek, on Wednesday with the signing of the two important art agreements.

According to her Bank Windhoek believes in the value of partnerships and collective efforts, evident through the number of smart partnership Bank Windhoek’s Arts Festival established during the past year.

“The partnership between the Swakopmunder Musikwoche and the Arts Association Heritage Trust will total Bank Windhoek’s partnerships with art institutions in Namibia to 11,” she said proudly.

Smart Partnerships between her bank and local arts bodies include: the NTN, National Art Gallery, Studio77, Bank Windhoek Omba Art Gallery, The Warehouse Theatre, the Swakopmund Arts Association, College of the Arts, Omaruru Culture Association and Visual Artists – Namibia.

“Bank Windhoek is proud of these partnerships as it will assist us to establish a platform for art appreciation in Namibia. You may ask, how does a financial institution such as Bank Windhoek justify its contribution towards the arts?

Firstly, our local artists urgently need a platform to display their talent. The Bank Windhoek Arts Festival provides them with a wonderful opportunity to perform alongside some highly acclaimed artists in the country,” Horn said.

She also said: “Namibians have a passion for the arts and more local events are required to meet the growing demand and need for entertainment. The development of the arts in Namibia is in dire need of financial support. Bank Windhoek’s sponsorship covers a substantial part of the direct costs of the festival, while the revenue generated by the ticket sales is ploughed back into the development of the arts.”

Horn also re-emphasised the fact that 100 percent of the money generated through ticket sales at performances is given to the artists.


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