Council Suspends Two Managers


By Petronella Sibeene

WINDHOEK – The Katima Mulilo Town Council has suspended two of its top managers on allegations that they continued to allow payment of cellphone allowances to Agnes Limbo, the former Chief Executive Officer.

The suspensions are also linked to the fact that over a year after Limbo’s contract expired, she allegedly continued living in a council house for free.

The Manager of Finance, Assets and ITC, Fred Muyatwa and the Human Resources Manager, Manga Kamwi Simataa, were suspended on October 11.

Allegations are that the two continued to pay out the cellphone allowance of about N$450 per month to the former Chief Executive Officer Agnes Limbo and allowed her to occupy for free the house she was allocated as CEO.

Limbo left the council on May 14 2006. Vincent Sazita took over in April 2007.

Muyatwa could not comment on the suspensions saying the two have not yet been charged.

The Chairman of the Management Committee Michael Mudabeti could equally not comment and directed New Era to the chief executive officer saying the matter was administrative in nature.

However, Sazita was not of much help. He said the case is sub judice and he could thus not comment.


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