Germany Helps Out in Hydroponics


By Frederick Philander


The German Government last week availed N$72 000 for the construction of hydroponic nurseries at three centres in the capital.

This was announced in a press statement by the Germany Embassy.

The organizations that benefited from the contribution are the PEACE Centre, the AIDS Care Trust and the Ombili Community Centre in Okuryangava.

“These institutions share a common goal to assist respective target groups to empower themselves. The main aim of the PEACE Centre is the provision of trauma counselling and psychosocial support to marginalised and vulnerable persons and communities.

“It became clear at the beginning of this year that the caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children also need support for the growing of vegetables,” said Renathe Loth of the German Embassy in the statement.

According to her, caregivers were trained to use hydroponic and micro-food gardening techniques especially suitable for urban communities, since it allows food production without access to large plots of land and with sparing use of water.

“The PEACE Centre, the AIDS Care Trust as well as the Ombili Community Centre in Okuryangawa offered to provide target groups with secure sites for their gardens. Since birds pose a threat to crop production, nurseries had to be constructed in such a way as to keep the birds at bay. The nurseries are to be completed in the course of this month,” she said.


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