Cupid’s Arrow Strikes



What could have started as mere interaction in the Big Brother House for Zambia’s Maxwell and South Africa’s Lerato has now turned out to be a fully-fledged romance.

The two are officially dating, barely a couple of months after they first cast their eyes on each other in BBA2 House in South Africa.

“Max and I are in a relationship,” giggled Lerato on her two-day visit to the Zambian capital, Lusaka, last week.

“It’s a serious relationship, we want to see where it will go and we are both very happy about it.”

Lerato arrived on Tuesday to a glowing welcome by Max and his immediate elder sister, courtesy of Multi-Choice Zambia, the country’s premier pay TV that hosts the M-Net’s Big Brother channel.

While in the Big Brother House, and before Max was unanimously voted out of the show, he related quite closely with Lerato – sharing the same bed, massaging each other every so often and even kissing on a couple of occasions. This went on despite Max having left a fianc???_?_’???_?’???_?


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