Dos Santos Appeals for Continued Support


By Petronella Sibeene


The Angolan President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has appealed for Namibia’s continued support as his once war-torn country strives to re-build.

Addressing Parliament, the Angolan President who concluded a two-day State visit yesterday said the Angolan government has made strides in re-building the country.

“It is indeed a great effort to gain the time lost during the war,” Dos Santos said.

Dos Santos added that the government is busy building schools, health care centres, new urban poles, and other infrastructure.

He added that the country has reached a point of no return regarding transformation from the armed conflict.

“It is in this long journey towards modernity and progress that we would like to continue having our Namibian brothers and sisters on our side,” said the Angolan President.

Dos Santos stated that the role of parliamentarians is very noble and crucial in maintai-ning peace and stability at local, regional, continental and global levels.

He commended Namibia’s democratic process and the election of the country’s leaders. He added that unfortunately, Angolans were for a long time deprived of the elementary right of citizenship.

The President said dialogue and debate are the best means of resolving internal problems.

Although he could not indicate when elections will take place in Angola, Dos Santos said the second parliamentary elections will be held in that country and Angolans will again have a chance to cast their votes.

“The power is no longer at the tip of a rifle but in the citizen’s vote. Our citizens elect the president and the parliament from which the law emanates,” he added.

He said many Angolans are anxious to embark on the phase of constitutional normality. This has manifested itself in macro-economic indicators, employment, and investment.

The Angolan President said peace and stability enjoyed today by both Namibia and Angola should help them in creating and promoting more wealth and development so that those who sacrificed may finally have their aspirations fulfilled.

Namibia and Angola have identified many areas of cooperation. On Wednesday, the two countries signed agreements in the fields of education, health, media, energy, security, legal, and fisheries.

Although the agreements might seem to cover many sectors, Dos Santos said both countries should remain open to new initiatives.

Meanwhile, the Angolan Head of State said he was satisfied with the move by his government to scrap visas for Namibians travelling to that country.

He, however, added that the increased level of confidence requires continued co-operation between the two countries to prevent ill-intentioned people from using this facility to prejudice either country.

The Angolan President and his 54-member delegation concluded their two – day State visit yesterday afternoon.

They flew out of Hosea Kutako International Airport where President Hifikepunye Pohamba, the First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba, Cabinet ministers and ambassadors from different embassies bade them farewell.


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