Villagers Sick After Eating Dog Meat



About 13 villagers are being treated at Oshakati State Hospital after they allegedly ate dog meat at a village near Ongwediva over the weekend.

A hospital official confirmed that villagers from Ohakweenyanga/Oshinyadhila village were hospitalised on Saturday immediately after consuming the meat.

They are allegedly continuously vomiting and have diarrhoea.

Sources from the village said the dog that was slaughtered had allegedly previously gone missing and then turned up after a few days in an aggressive mood.

It is alleged the owner put it down fearing that it could bite someone.

Unconfirmed reports have it that the 13 villagers, from four different households, ate the meat that the owner was selling at his “kapana” business at the village’s cuca shops.

A week ago, the Omusati Regional Councillor, Bernardinus Shekutamba, also reported a similar incident from his Etayi constituency.

According to Shekutamba, about 42 villagers were treated for headache, vomi-ting and diarrhoea at Odimbwa Clinic and Oshikuku District Hospital after eating dog meat.

In the Etayi constituency incident, the owner also put down his dog after it showed signs of illness.

Namibian Police (NamPol) commander for the Oshana region, Deputy Commissioner Ndahan-gwapo Kashihakumwa, said police officers went to Oha-kweenyanga/Oshinyadhila village to investigate the matter on Monday morning. – Nampa


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