Lucky Dube a Hero – Pacon


By Staff Reporter


Where to Africa? Are we on the right track? Is the safety of our children and our people secure and guaranteed?

These are some of the pertinent questions posed by the Pan-African Center of Namibia (Pacon) in a press statement on Monday mourning the untimely death of South African reggae star Lucky Dube.

He was killed last week Thursday night in Johannesburg.

“One wonders whether the educated world has any sense of humanity left in it! No wonder that Lucky Dube himself sang: ‘We live in it, this crazy world.’

Yes indeed, this world is crazy!

“He was undoubtedly one of Africa’s finest gems in the music industry, who did not only make his mark as a seasoned reggae singer in South Africa, but elevated the continent of Africa to the world stage of musicology. For that reason, he was indeed in life, as he is in death, a hero of the African continent. This man deserves a hero’s burial. Heroes and heroines are not only political,” said Pacon chairperson Johannes Tjitjo.

He further said: “All his 22 albums, are in fact 22 chapters of a well documented and authored book on the story of the African struggle for freedom and independence as well as a vivid and conscious narration of the socio-economic and political situation of the world we live in. His sudden and untimely departure paints a gloomy picture on the face of our beautiful continent – Africa. It is sad, tragic and raises a lot of unanswered questions for Africa and her people.”

According to Tjitjo, crime in Africa is a scourge that needs the collective wisdom of the African elders.

“The Pan African Center of Namibia is on record as having raised the question of lack of societal morals and values.

“For as long as these very important attributes continue to be eroded in the name of modernity, civilization and euro-centricity, all at the expense of good and positive values embedded in the African culture and way of life, Africa will continue to be the victim of circumstances such as these,” he warned.

Africa and Africans have the tendency and paranoia of despising all that is African and hero-worshipping all that is European.

“Our laws that we enact in our African parliaments are pre-determined to dance to the tune of the famous chorus of good governance. In the process, African systems come second or are not considered at all. Let us go back to our roots and re-examine all our institutions such as the family; the courts; the school; the church; the culture and traditions; good neighbourliness; brotherhood and sisterhood – in a word; the whole concept of Ubuntu,” he asserted.

Nowadays, people operate like robots. We are more animalists than humanists. Human life has lost its meaning. Where have we gone wrong?

“Despite all these, the legacy of Lucky Dube will never die. His powerful message in his music will remain forever for generations to come. And, another Lucky Dube will surely arise, amidst the many Pan-African musicians.

Music has always been and remains the food of Africa. Our condolences go to the wife and children and all the bereaved family. Pacon wishes you strength in this time of sorrow,” he concluded.


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