Telecom Breaks New Ground


By Emma Kakololo


Telecom Namibia has become the first service provider in Emerging Africa to be awarded membership to the Cisco Powered Programme.

This gives Telecom access to Cisco’s industry-leading technology for IP VPN-Data, Security-Firewall/IDS, Wireless Hotspots services, amongst others.

The endorsement follows closely from Telecom Namibia receiving “The Best IP Network of the Year” Award at the Cisco Networkers Conference held Sun City, South Africa earlier this year.

The Cisco Powered Programme, launched in 1997, is Cisco’s premier partnering programme for service providers and includes more than 300 global members.

Cisco Powered Programme members can take advantage of Cisco marketing and technical expertise and utilise Cisco market recognition in the promotion of their network services.

The goal of the programme is to assist service providers in the marketing and promotion of IP services, allowing service providers to develop new revenue streams faster and easier.

The Cisco Powered Programme has helped businesses find high-quality, reliable service providers.

Emerging Africa encompasses 42 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa.

“I have never seen elsewhere in the world a company with a vision such as Telecom serving the people the way it has done,” said Cisco’s Vice-President, Jeff Spagnola at the handing over yesterday.

“Over the last three years, we have built up resources in Africa.”

Spagnola, who had just arrived from Nigeria as apart of his pan-African tour, said, his main aim is to accentuate the importance of partnerships between governments and private sectors in order to bridge the digital divide.

“There is a role to play between government and the private sector.”

Being endorsed in the Cisco Powered Programme, said Coenraad Coetzee, Telecom Namibia’s General Manager for Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Corporate Business Solutions (CBS), means Telecom Namibia’s customers will be able to take advantage of our investment in world-class technology, helping them to grow their networks and implement applications with ease.

“We are committed to building a network infrastructure that will accommodate and facilitate customer growth.”

About N$150 million has been set aside for the creation of IP network for the entire country with the equipment from Cisco.

“This is just part of the journey towards 2010,” said Telecom Managing Director Frans Ndoroma.

“We are rolling out a number of new, advanced services as part of our repositioning strategy towards 2010. These include ADSL for broadband access using our existing copper wire infrastructure, Telecom Namibia’s own G3 service.”

He said by 2010, Telecom would have in total invested about N$1 billion in all the projects.


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