New CD by Papa


By Staff Reporter


Hishishi Papa aka Papa Ndasuunje was born in Windhoek and raised in Okahandja. Thus, culture and traditional norms should be the last thing to expect from him, a press release from Omalaeti states.

Hishishi is an internationally acclaimed visual artist making him a very rare species in the world of art. The truth is: He is the first for Namibia. Like his visual arts, his music is for the mature mind.

He travelled to the rural areas from time to time, researching on traditional norms and culture. There he was reminded that there is nothing happening today, which his ancestors had not foreseen. The only difference is how the born-free generation relates to the world.

War has been fought among and against the African tribes. War has been won against the West without the comfort of modern weapons. Men and women have fought lions with bare hands and won. How? Aantu oya Ii ha ya lalekwa.

The question is: Owa Iya ngaa onguta? Either way let Aantu Aantu be your ongula in whatever you do.

Hishishi is inspired by the spirit of his departed former freedom fighter father, Gabriel Shikongo Nuunyango, and great grandfather Shigwedha Shalungu, who was a warrior during the Namutoni battle.

“This music on the CD is a message to the Namibian people from the heritage storytelling and the inside of my soul. Clapping hands, stamping feet answering each other, this is what I call Aambo music from the Wambo people,” said Papa.


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