Friends Co-author Poetry Anthology


By Charles Tjatindi


The old adage “Where there is a will, there is a way”, did more than just pave the way for a young aspiring poet – it helped her realise one of her longstanding dreams.

Victoria Hasheela developed a passion for words while at high school, and soon found she could arrange them in various sequences to give them new meaning, oblivious of the fact that her new-found art would culminate in her becoming a poet.

Driven by the passion to make a difference, she started compiling short poems she has written over the years on issues happening in society, and published her first book of poetry in July this year.

The book, entitled “Shower of Voices” is a compilation of poems reflecting on life and its problems and has been co-authored by a long-time friend – Tumweneni Nghamwa.

“I just wanted to let people know of what is happening in society, and how one can deal with these problems,” came the somewhat modest reply, when asked why she decided to publish such a book.

Although she regards all poems in her book as being of high quality, she noted that her favourite poem from the book is “What happened to safety”, which she says appeals for peace in the world.

“What happened to safety in the world is a good poem because when you look around you, there is just so much crime…the world has just become unsafe…” said Victoria.

Before “Shower of Voices”, Victoria has had a number of her works published in established publications, some of which won her international awards. She was among a handful of poets chosen from around the world for publication of their work in the annual US publication entitled “Immortal verses”. Her work will also be published in a book to be launched next year in the United Kingdom, which will be titled “Centre of Expressions”. Locally, her work was included in a compilation entitled “Between yesterday and tomorrow”.

Currently, Victoria has been nominated for the Poet of the Year Award (2007) by the International Society of Poets.

Noting the success of her current book, the young poet is considering publishing a sequel. Said Victoria: “People want me to write another one, but it will all depend on finance as I had to write the first one out of my own pocket.”


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