AIDS Tour On This Week


By Staff Reporter


This week the American President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) will stage Phase II of the HIV/AIDS Living Positive Tour in capital.

According to Ray Castillo, director of the American Cultural Centre, the tour’s purpose is to bring prevention, anti-stigma and positive living messages from Namibian role models to Namibia’s youth.

“The Living Positive Tour is an innovative mix of music, drama, prevention and anti-stigma messages, and real stories of Namibians who are living with HIV/AIDS. We are working with Namibian artists and speakers to reach Namibia’s youth with crucial HIV/AIDs prevention messages so that we may halt the cycle of infection,” said Castillo.

Vocal Motion 6 (VM6), a group of young Namibian artists who are committed to fighting HIV/AIDS in Namibia and use their music to inspire and inform young audiences, leads the tour. Herlyn Uiras, a youth counsellor from Walvis Bay Multi-Purpose centre living with HIV/AIDS will share her story about the importance of positive choices. VM6 will perform to complement her message. VM6 are also role models for boys and girls alike, inspiring them with their drive and commitment.

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