Free from Political Shenanigans


By Clemens H. Kashuupulwa

Persistent political utterances by the so-called National Society for Human Rights Organization of Namibia [NSHR] against the Founding Father of the Namibian Nation and SWAPO Party President Dr Sam Nujoma over the submission of “human rights violations” during the national liberation struggle for Namibia and after independence during Unita disturbances in Kavango Region, are still far from over now despite a public outcry involving peaceful demonstrations by the public and condemnations by church organizations, civil societies, and individual patriots.

Taking the policy of national reconciliation which is so important to maintain peace and political stability in Namibia, the NSHR’s submission to the International Criminal Court [ICC] for SWAPO Party President Dr Sam Nujoma and three others “to be charged for human rights violations in exile”, is perceived now as irrelevant, unfair, unacceptable and unethical to be applied in Namibia as “it will end up causing a civil war in Namibia”.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia [ELCIN], one of the biggest church organizations in Namibia, has eloquently warned the NSHR to cease with such political utterances as “that might not be the best option to resolve the issue that involves national reconciliation” as if “going to ICC is less evil than a civil war in the country”.

This message reflects the truth, taking into account the current political situation in Namibia where the former warring forces under apartheid colonial rule are at political loggerheads.

The process of political vengeance has already started increasing in the National Assembly and National Council and between progressive pressure groups and retrospectively others, the public and civil societies in Namibia.

Where are we heading to in this ever deteriorating political environment?

The youth whom we regard as future leaders of this country, the SWAPO Party Youth League in particular, that makes up the majority of the progressive forces, feel our hard-won peace, freedom and tranquility are at stake and have been forced to react strongly.

“Our position is that Cde Nujoma and other patriotic Namibians will never be charged to that court. The moment that happens, there will be war here, make no mistake. We mean what we say and we say it without fear.”

On the one hand ELCIN “strongly regards the action of the National Society for Human Rights and collaborators who want to take to court the father of the Namibian nation Dr Sam Nujoma “to be judged at the ICC as unethical and unacceptable” and doing harm to the NSHR itself, the Namibian society at large as well as to the Government’s Policy of National Reconciliation.

Also, the SWAPO Party Youth League [SPYL] stated that “if the NSHR and its sponsors dare touch Cde Nujoma, the time bomb will explode and when it does, the consequences will predictably be disastrous not only to the NSHR and its sponsors, but also to those who economically control the means of production, … those who own and control our national resources including land, those who control factories, those who own the multinational companies and those who own the mines”.

Peace and Tranquility
As a people let us opt for peace and tranquility and the embracing of the policy of national reconciliation. Confrontation and warring each other as Namibians will not be in the best interest of our children.

Why should we create a political environment in the country that is destructive to the Namibian people? If the NSHR is really for the people for peace, democracy, human rights, and the political, social and economic stability in Namibia, this is a good test for its leadership style to stop such political utterances in the interest of the nation and future generations.

Peaceful demonstrations by Unam Students, the SWAPO Party Youth League, people from Omusati and Kunene regions as well as the statement made by President Hifikepunye Pohamba to embrace the Government’s Policy of National Reconciliation, are indicative enough that Namibians need peace and tranquility to economically prosper.

As a nation, Namibia must wake up now and unite to defend our hard won peace, freedom and sovereignty.

Our children need peace, harmony, freedom and democracy in a multi-racial democratic society.

Progressive Namibians must quest for peace and not confrontation among themselves. It is unfortunate to see some opposition political leaders playing the political game of puppeteering for their colonial masters in Namibia in favour of the NSHR without seeing the threats caused by the NSHR to peace and political stability.

It is unfortunate to note that the NSHR submission to ICC where it wants to have the Founding Father and President of SWAPO Party tried for people who went missing during the struggle under the care of SWAPO has taken another irrelevant development at international level.

The European Parliament “is set to discuss a motion tabled in Namibia’s National Council that aims to regulate the operation of the mass media and civil societies that are irresponsibly inciting violence in Namibia”.

It is shocking to hear that the motion to be tabled by SWAPO Party whip, Hon John Hakaye “causes threats against the NSHR and provokes heavy criticism from some members of the European Parliament of the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for European Countries who formed up the Cotonou Agreement of African Caribbean Commission” (ACP-EC), to which Namibia is co-signatory.

A certain Cappato and Marco Panella claim that Hon. Hakaye’s [MP] motion “had damaged Namibia’s credibility” in the light of Namibia’s obligations to fulfill Article 9 of the Cotonou Agreement “that deals with respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law”.

Misleading and Unacceptable.

What is this? Such misinterpretations of facts are misleading, totally unacceptable and irrelevant to say the list.

Disrespect of human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law in Namibia is a gross violation of the Namibian Constitution, the supreme law of this country.

Whoever committed an offence in line with that Act, the law would take its due course.

Who are those people to fool Namibians and the world at large?

We know some of them have no good records of respecting democratic principles, human rights and the rule of law in their countries.

Who is fooling who now when one compares the situation in Namibia with many other countries in respecting human rights in the world?

The European Parliament if it does not have any agenda to discuss on human rights violations, why does it not discuss Britain and the US’s human rights violations in Iraq and Afghanistan where the killing of innocent people are continuing unabated in those countries at the hands of US and British soldiers under the instruction of US President George Bush.

This is clear now that the NSHR in Namibia is used as a watchdog to impose western interests under the disguise of human rights protection in Namibia.

Namibia is a sovereign state and has the right to put in place its own laws to regulate the behaviour of the mass media and civil societies to uphold peace, freedom, human rights and the rule of law in the country as it deems necessary.

As long as this is done in line with the Namibian Constitution there is nothing wrong with that.

The European Parliament has its own problems in their countries, why should they waste their good time to discuss Namibian issues of which we are capable enough to solve in the best interests of our nation?

The National Society for Human Rights in Namibia asks for it.

The National Council cannot be blamed for putting new legislation to regulate mass media operations to curb irresponsible reporting that incite public violence in Namibia.

As Namibia recognizes and respects the rights of other countries to enact laws to regulate the behaviour of their people, they too must recognize and respect the rights of Namibia to do so.

Why should Namibia be on remote control by the European Parliament?

This is unacceptable to Namibia as a sovereign state to allow itself to be dictated to by a foreign parliament as to what to do in its own Parliament.

Frankly speaking, the NSHR in Namibia is showing its true colours of dancing to the tune of external powers to disturb peace in Namibia.

Such action deserves outright utter rejection and condemnation from all Namibians to preserve our hard won peace, freedom and political stability.

As a people, it is our absolute right to expose dirty political myths that are fabricated by our hard-core foes to the public and the world at large, to have Namibia free from all kinds of dirty political propaganda that aim to tarnish the good name of Namibia, its leaders and people at home and abroad.

It is high time to call “a spade a spade” and when progressive Namibians should deal with the NSHR’s submission to the ICC “for human rights violations of SWAPO Party detainees in exile” so as to clear Namibia’s good name once for all to our development partners about its good human rights records and free it from all kinds of political shenanigans.

– Clemens H. Kashuupulwa is the Governor of Oshana Region.


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