B1 Butcher Sends the Shivers


Petronella Sibeene


Women are living in fear.

The infamous B1 Butcher has indeed brought about some uneasiness in most people’s lives. But women, known from time immemorial as being people who easily get scared compared to their male counterparts, have really been shaken.

I actually did not think it could go all that way but I did not know what to say when one prominent woman in town “threw” a word into the conversation I had with a member of the media and said: “I am scared of this man, whoever he is. When I go home after work, I drive with the car locks on and when I get to the gate, I call my husband to come accompany me from there.”

A few days later, I went to the bank to get some coins for myself and in the queue were two young women talking about the butcher.

One of them said: “When I was going to Katutura I boarded this taxi but when I told the driver where I was going, he did not answer. I got scared and pretended I had forgotten something important where I was coming from.”

She jumped out. The friend went on to say actually, when the taxi driver seems to misunderstand you, you should immediately get out of the car. (I hope one does not jump out while taxi is in motion, otherwise the difference will be the same.)

Well, all that, I guess, just goes to show how desperate the nation is, and in particular, how the masses are living in fear.

The people are thirsty for the arrest of this creature, and as they say, humans are never short of theories on the happenings around them.

Arrest that Never Was

This week, I received a call from my boss at about 21h30 saying some ‘source’ said the police know who this wanted man is and that they would pounce on him.

Taking orders from my superior to try and establish the truth in this, I tried to get in touch with my colleagues to find out if they had caught wind of something like that.

After a few calls all colleagues signaled there was no such a thing.

I tried a colleague of mine from the national broadcaster who confirmed there was such a rumour but to make things worse, some person had promised him that the police would apparently call NBC so that when they act, everything would be on camera.

I asked the NBC buddy to give me a buzz as soon as his informer called. I became restless and decided to go back to the office at about 22h00.

I checked my contact list and immediately called the police chief inspector who simply said he was not aware of any arrests to be made that night. He referred me back to my sources, perhaps they could shed some more light on the matter.

In the meantime, I contacted the chief photographer. Excited about the ‘news’ that this guy would in the next few hours be thrown to hell where he hails from, New Era’s photographer was at the office in just 15 minutes.

After listening to telephone calls I made to the NBC journalist, I could see the frustration on his face. Yes, who would want someone to be disturbed by a call that would actually eventually turn into nothing but a false alarm? That is journalism I guess, nothing you hear or you are told can be taken for granted, you investigate.

Finally, I just asked the NBC guy to perhaps just call me when the police finally pounce…

I am still waiting for that call…Eewa.


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