Air Namibia Gives Children Rare Treat


By Charles Tjatindi


Children from the School of the Hearing Impaired and the Moreson centre, were last week treated to an educational tour of Hosea Kutako International Airport by Air Namibia through its employee wellness programme.

The tour, which was in commemoration of the day of the Namibian child, was meant to give the children – aged 12 to 17 – an insight into the operation of the aviation industry.

Speaking at the occasion, Air Namibia’s Manager for Human Resources, Elize Petersen, said children have the right not to be exploited or misused, and a right to be loved, cared for and supported. It is against this background that the national airliner saw it necessary to conduct the trip, she noted.

“We know that being a child with disabilities comes with many blessings, but also with many challenges … that is why we are happy to have you on this day so that you can have a first-hand experience on how things work at the airport,” she said.

The students were accorded the opportunity to board an aircraft, and were briefed on various aspects pertaining to the way the airport operates. They were later treated to a light lunch, courtesy of Alpine Caterers, Springer Chocolates, and the Oshoto Restaurant.

Both the School of the Hearing Impaired and the Moreson Centre, are part of the National Institute for Special Education, which aims to provide assessment, observation and teaching practice opportunities for trainee teachers. The schools follow the broad national curriculum as well as a supplementary curriculum for special education.

On September 28, 1990, Namibia signed and ratified the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. The convention aims to enact legislation, create mechanisms, and put in place a range of creative measures to ensure the protection of the rights of all children in Namibia. The day was celebrated under the theme: “Safety of Our Children Is Our Priority”.


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