It Never Rains for Willy


By Chrispin Inambao


The real-life drama unfolding at the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication took yet another riveting twist yesterday when Noleen Cloete, the secretary to the Permanent Secretary, Shihaleni Ndjaba, absurdly accused Willy Kauaria of being New Era’s informer.

The secretary apparently informed colleagues at the ministry that this reporter had confessed to her that Kauaria was in fact his source and when confronted about this lie, she persisted with the allegation.

The vindictive secretary told colleagues that Kauaria, the Under Secretary in the Department of Transport and Communication is the source behind the story highlighting the alleged “persecution” of the transport and communication official.

Cloete compiled a “report” based on the list of phone calls Kauaria received claiming this links him to New Era, this despite the fact that he is her senior by far.

Her action further underpins allegations there is a plot to drive him from the ministry on suspicions he blew the whistle on highly questionable tenders involving millions.

Apart from being harassed by his superiors, the Under Secretary who would have resigned had it not been for the President’s intervention, is being sidelined and elbowed out of certain meetings while documents pertaining to his office are handed over to others.

And his subordinates report directly to the Minister or to the Permanent Secretary bypassing him and this is being done with the full blessing of his superiors.

And now the Permanent Secretary’s secretary has compiled a “report” on Kauaria that she intends to hand over to Ndjaba upon his return from Canada.
The Canada visit cost the ministry N$773???_?_’???_?’???_???


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