Goat Industry Urged to Explore New Markets


By Wezi Tjaronda


Namibian goat producers may experience a decline if they do not embrace changes taking place in the industry.

A market study report on goats/goat products and venison commissioned by the Meat Board of Namibia says while the Government’s intention to close borders for live goat exports would bring an end to an industry from which many farmers derive an income, the traditional market for goats in South Africa is also changing.

The study said the traditional South African market is undergoing changes to accommodate off takes from South African sources.

And unless Namibian producers join the new drive for the demand of goat meat, they could face a gradual decline of the demand for their products.

“It has been proven convincingly, that the current market for live goats is changing with a change in consumer preferences, and that this demand is declining over time, subjecting the Namibian producer to potentially a smaller part of this market,” it said.

The Namibian Government in 2003 introduced a 15 percent levy on the export of live goats, which was extended until a suitable market for goat meat was found.

Namibia is one of the largest producers of goat meat and venison in southern Africa but income derived thereof remains small compared to cattle and sheep. Namibia has about 2.06 million goats and it exports 260???_?_’???_?’???_???


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