Eewa! – Stop the Killings


Surihe Gaomas

What has society come to with all these senseless killings and gruesome murders going on?

Some people tell me the end of the world is coming, while others remain dumbstruck. It is somehow just like horror movies, but this time, it’s like in-your-face approach where we all are just gripped by fear.

I’m sure by now you know what I’m talking about and even as a journalist who has been writing about these chilling killings of young defenceless women, I am greatly touched. We are all humans and as much as one is just churning out the facts to the public about these horrific stories, I feel the pain that all right-thinking Namibians feel.

These poor victims were mothers, sisters and potential breadwinners for their families and now their lives are abruptly cut short.

Stop these senseless killings!

It surely cannot go on like this because it sends out fear to everyone. Just having seen photographs of recently discovered head and pair of arms found near Grootfontein, is upsetting for many people – but then again that’s the cruelty and reality of the life we living in today.

Yet with the endless list of crimes going on, where are we heading to as a nation? I may sound a bit philosophical here, but one gets the feeling that there seems to be no stop to these disturbing and dangerous crimes.

While we wait upon law enforcement officers to bring the killer or killers to book, let us at least do our own part in making life a more bearable by caring for others. Walk an old person who struggles to cross the street, talk to your children about not talking to strangers, start a community crime watch unit in your neighbourhood or simply just lend a helping hand to someone in dire need.

Although it may seem small, let’s all strive to contribute to a greater good, after all, what’s the use of living life in fear and uncertainty, especially where gruesome murders are taking their toll?

I am sure you will agree with me that whoever did these immoral deeds must face the full wrath of the law soon and very soon. Eewa.


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