Director Wins Back Old Job


By Charles Tjatindi


Formerly suspended Director of Expenditure and Financial Management in the Ministry of Finance, Maru Tjihumino, has been reinstated in his previous position.

Tjihumino was suspended on August 23, 2005 after he was found to have conducted himself in “disgraceful and improper behaviour” through alleged questionable deals he was involved in.

The suspension eventually landed in the Labour court, where he was charged with misconduct on September 5, 2005.

Two months later in November, the Labour court ruled that his misconduct charges had lapsed, and ordered the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service commission to withdraw the charges against him. It was also ordered that the Ministry of Finance reinstate Tjihumino. The reinstatement only transpired the following year in March, albeit in a lower position.

He was then placed in charge of administration as a director. Tjihumino however demanded his old job back, and to that end, he approached the Labour Court again. His suspension was eventually lifted last month, and Tjihumino was served with a notice to return to work in his old position on September 1.

When contacted for comment, Tjihumino said he was happy to be back in office, and would continue with his office duties.

“I am happy to be back. I will just pick up from where I left off and continue with what I am supposed to do,” he said.

He however noted that due to the length of absence from office, it would not be easy to settle in.

“Getting back together is not always an easy thing, but I am positive that it will eventually work out for the best,” said Tjihumino.

Among the charges levelled against Tjihumino was that he caused embarrassment to the Government through his dealings with Global Vision Trust and Circle Investment. He was also charged with operating a private agency, Namibia Horizon Transport, while in the employ of the Public Service and without the approval of his employer.


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