A Nation Frozen in Terror


The blood-curdling picture splashed in the local press, of a decapitated head of a woman whose lifeless gaze would without doubt forever remain embedded in the collective memory of our nation, is a chilling reminder that the war against crime is endless and costly.

The severed head together with a pair of arms were found stuffed in a garbage bag at Grootfontein and there is speculation the unknown victim could be yet another victim of the infamous, sadistic, heartless, cruel and slippery as an eel ‘B1 Butcher’, who would go down in the nation’s annals of crime history as Namibia’s worst ever serial killer.

This real-life fiendish drama of events started with the death of Juanita Mabula (21) whose headless body was discovered in the vicinity of horse stables located near an industrial area close to Windhoek in 2005.

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