Fighting Mars Omaheke Regional Show


By Charles Tjatindi


The recently concluded Omaheke Regional Show at Talismanus came to an unceremonious end when a fight broke out between two factions supporting farmers Bennie Murangi and Star Tjimbundu, respectively.

The fighting erupted after Tjimbundu’s Afrikaner bull was declared overall winner, a decision that did not go down well with Murangi’s supporters.

Tjimbundu’s supporters immediately rose and started celebrating when Tjimbundu’s bull was announced overall winner. The other group felt provoked by the celebrations, resulting in blows being traded between the two groups.

Lesley Kauandara, a member of the organising committee told New Era that the fighting was very unfortunate, and warned farmers and members of the public that such actions will not go unpunished.

He said the Farmers’ Union would consult with various farmers’ associations representing the two groups to look into the matter.

The group supporting Murangi claimed that the judges’ decision was not fair and that they lacked skills in carrying out their work.

Kauandara, however, refuted the claim saying all judges were selected on merit and are well acquainted with their work. He added that all judges are certified to carry out their functions to the fullest.

Said Kauandara: “We work with most of these judges every year. Why are they only complaining now?”

Besides a few bruises, no serious injuries were reported. Efforts to reach both Murangi and Tjimbundu proved futile, although sources said both men tried to stop the fight and said they themselves were happy with the results.


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