Farmers Urged to Adopt New Technologies


By Charles Tjatindi


Farmers in the Omaheke Region have been advised to be on the lookout for new farming and breeding technologies to avoid being at the receiving end of climate change.

Regional Governor for the Omaheke Region, Laura McLeod, said this when she addressed farmers at the just-ended Omaheke Regional Show at Talismanus.

She said while communal farming offers great potential for growth, communal farmers are also challenged to better the quality of their livestock and to be competitive with their counterparts in the commercial farming sector.

“Agriculture is not an industry for the faint-hearted farmers. Few, if any industries, are as exposed to the variety of risks faced by the agricultural producer, not to mention the dependence on favourable climatic conditions and the severe impact of natural disasters,” said McLeod.

The regional governor thanked farmers for their tireless efforts in promoting productive farming, which in turn contributed to the local economy of the Omaheke Region.

The Regional Councillor for the Otjombinde Constituency of the Omaheke Region, Matti Ndjoze, echoed the same sentiments, noting that drought, veldt fires and lack of finance, pose a serious threat to farming in the region.

Despite these challenges, however, Ndjoze said farmers were not discouraged, but continue farming.

Star Tjimbundu’s Afrikaner bull was crowned regional overall winner at this year’s regional show.

This year’s show exhibited 90 cattle and about 230 small livestock.

The show was held under the auspices of the Omaheke Regional Farmers Union (ORFU), in collaboration with the various constituencies’ farmers’ associations. The regional show, which was initiated in 2002, rotates among the various constituencies of the Omaheke Region to provide exposure for farmers and residents alike.

It is usually staged after all constituencies farmers’ associations have staged their shows, bringing winners together.

Next year’s regional show will be held in Eiseb Block.


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