Nantu Makes Special Appeal to Learners


By Charles Tjatindi


The Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu) has called on learners to take the last school trimester seriously and prepare well for the final exams if they are to make an impact.

The union made a special appeal to Grade 10 and 12 learners, who are soon to commence with their year-end examinations.

“We all know that this trimester is very important for the grade 10s and 12s because there isn’t much time left before their final examinations. It is therefore time for them to pull up their socks and study hard,” noted Vice-Chairperson of Nantu Paul Sauerwein

Although grade 12s have been producing average results in their mid-term examinations, Sauerwein is optimistic that favourable results could be achieved in the final exams through dedication and hard work.

“All learners and teachers definitely aspire for A’s, but it only comes with hard work and sacrifice to walk that extra mile – extra classes and study sessions,” said Sauerwein.

Sauerwein futher called on parents, hostel supervisors and teachers to avail themselves to learners and assist whenever necessary.

He said as Nantu strives towards creating a conducive environment for learning, the union would gladly assist learners if they take their work seriously.

“Learners need to refrain from walking around and rather sit with their books and study hard. This is indeed time to burn the midnight oil,” he remarked.
Schools around the country re-opened last week for the final trimester.


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