Hot Meryl Has No Regrets


By Petronella Sibeene


She was probably one of the most outspoken housemates while in the Big Brother House. And a lot of people have described her behaviour in the house as “too much”, “too revealing” and “non-African” depending on how one defines it.

But for Meryl Shikwambane, criticism is there regardless of what one does in life.

She says criticism is what builds her and she would not allow any expressions of disapproval to bring her down.

“I am Meryl and I walked in the house loud and wild. Being in that house was crazy and there is no need to put up pretence,” she said.

Meryl, the third housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Africa II, arrived in the country on Tuesday afternoon.

She told a press briefing yesterday that she does not regret getting out of the house. She says she was prepared to leave.

“That little voice inside me told me it was time, even when KB announced my name, I was ready. In a way I was prepared,” she maintains.

The 21-year-old Personal Assistant/Secretary has impressed some entertainment firms given her confidence and outspokenness. Already Channel O has indicated they would be priviledged to work with her on whatever programme, she revealed yesterday.

After spending 38 days in the house under camera surveillance, Meryl says the behaviour in the house has changed ever since she exited.

She says characters such as Lerato have become introverts. However, she was quick to point out that it is just a game. Max, Lerato’s ‘baby’, allegedly carries a face that has never been seen before. Perhaps it’s the shock that comes with his nomination.

She feels some people have changed their behaviour completely but strategy cannot be applied in a game such as Big Brother.

Anyway, describing herself as a people’s person, Meryl could not tell who is her favourite housemate. She said every housemate attracted her in his or her own way.

“I do not have a favourite in the house. Every person has a spot in my heart,” says Meryl.

She added that Big Brother is a game where one cannot pinpoint who will emerge victorious and carry the US$100 000. She views Kwaku, her partner in the house, as perhaps the most deserving winner. She alludes her reasons to Kwaku being the same person since he entered the house.

“He understands and plays the game very well. He stands a high chance of winning,” she said.

She connected with Lerato from the first day in the house and according to Meryl, their friendship would continue even when the 24-year-old South African event coordinator leaves the house.

“We agreed that she visits me and I will also visit her. We enjoy each other’s company,” she said. She describes being under camera watch as something hectic, especially that every move is watched by thousands of viewers outside.

While her mother Elly Mbonga supported her daughter all the way, Meryl says her father, who is based in South Africa, still holds “enough beef” against her especially that she did not seek his approval to enter the Big Brother game.

She describes her father as traditional in his own way.

“I did not tell him I will be going in the house but I reckon being 21, I am legally an adult,” she said.Meryl’s welcoming home party takes place tomorrow at La Dee Das. For security reasons, the crowd will be limited to 800 persons and Kabelo (KB), Channel O’s DJ will be in the house.

Tickets will sell for N$40 at the door and the club will open at 21h00.
Castle Breweries will sponsor the Bruital Fruit.

Big Brother is screened on Channel 37 on DSTV.


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