Family Shooting Accused Remanded


By Anna Shilongo


Attempted murder accused 29-year-old Michael Endjala made another appearance in the Katutura Magistrates’ Court last Friday.

Endjala, who is facing four counts of attempted murder, alternatively negligent discharge or placement of a firearm, would not make a plea in the absence of his lawyer Sisa Namandje.

And his case was postponed to February 26 to 27, next year when he is expected to make his plea.

Endjala has been in police custody since October last year when he was arrested following a shooting spree that left four people injured – including two of his own children and his wife.

He was not granted bail, and he remains in custody pending further investigations.

His wife Priscilla Endjala, who has been his pillar of support in his troubles, was this time not present at the court as usual, and only his younger sister stood by him.

He is accused of having tried to kill his family last year on October 20 at their rented flat in Khomasdal’s Garnet Street where the family lived.

It is alleged that Endjala took a 9mm Makarov pistol and started shooting at his wife, the couple’s eight-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter, and his wife’s sister, Dorothy Gatyehe.

Mrs Endjala was shot in the chest, the couple’s son was struck in the left leg, the baby was hit in the stomach, and Gatyehe was wounded in the abdomen.
She was shot in the back while trying to flee to safety, the court was told.
After the shooting, it is alleged, Endjala sped off in a car, taking the wounded baby girl with him.

He was found at Medi-Clinic Hospital, and arrested later that evening.
The accused also tried to shoot himself in the head, but was not seriously injured.

Endjala was the breadwinner of his family and held the position of manager at a supermarket in Windhoek at the time of the incident.

During his last appearance, his wife appealed to the court to grant her husband bail to enable him to look after his family but the court denied the request.


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