WAD Urged to Give ‘Recognised’ Training


By William Mbangula


Prime Minister Nahas Angula has urged the Women Action for Development (WAD) organisation to provide training awards that are recognised by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) in order to make them meaningful.

The PM was speaking at a WAD field day at Ongwediva on Friday, where 111 people graduated in basic and advanced computer, needle work, catering, nutrition and hygiene.

He advised WAD to consult NQA to get relevant information about accreditation, including some special modules which can help give meaning to qualifications being awarded by the organisation.

The Premier commended WAD for targeting rural women for empowerment through training. He said: “The Government is fully aware of the urgent need to address rural and gender-based poverty. It was against this background that Government has incorporated the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in its development strategy. It is relevant to mention just two goals of the MDG, namely, reducing by half extreme poverty and hunger by 2015, and empowering women and promoting equality between men and women.”

The Prime Minister noted that such goals can only be achieved through active partnership between Government and non-governmental players. In his view, WAD is just doing the right thing with such type of training programmes aimed at empowering the nation. He believes that inequality can only be addressed by long-term strategic plans for development such as Vision 2030.

Speaking at the same occasion on the status of development in his region, Oshana Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa said the Government through the line ministries and in consultation with the Oshana Regional Council has allocated close to N$203.1 million for the implementation of development projects during the current financial year.

Others to cost about N$116 million will be implemented during the financial year 2008/ 2009, while a further N$167.3 million has been allocated to Oshana for the 2009/2010 financial year.

Under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, the Government will construct an Immigration Regional Office at a cost of more than N$4,2 million with a possibility of extending the facilities at a cost of N$7,6 by the year 2009.

Sub-regional offices will also be constructed soon at a cost of N$402.

The Ministry of Safety and Security is in the process of building police headquarters at Ongwediva, upgrading police stations and rehabilitating facilities at a cost of N$4,11 million for the next four years.

The Ministry of Defence is also constructing the regional head office at Ondangwa to cost N$39,3 million.

Furthermore, said the governor, the Ministry of Finance will construct a N$2,5-million regional office in Oshakati.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy under its Rural Electrification Master Plan continues to invest N$6,1 million during the 2007/2010 financial years. It is also going to promote renewable energy efficiency at an estimated cost of N$53 million.

Equally, the Ministry of Justice is in the process of building a High Court at a cost of about N$53, 4 million.

Besides, the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication plans to upgrade airport facilities, construct oxidation ponds, sewerage systems, and build a road between Ompundja, Eheke and Omagongati.

Again the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development is in the process of developing Uukwangula and Eheke settlements with constituency offices being built for Oshakati West, Oshakati East, Ongwediva, Okatana and Okaku.

Said the governor: “Another important project worth mentioning is the effort by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to construct the Agro Food Processing Centre in Oshakati at a cost of N$7,5 million aimed at investing in entrepreneurship development programmes targeting women, SMEs, food producers and processors in various categories. Such initiatives are expected to bring women into the mainstream of economic activities in the region.

More than N$900 000 is already earmarked to kick off the project.”


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