‘Learn from Experienced Farmers’


By Kuvee Kangueehi


The Regional Councillor of the Omatako Constituency, Kaunokao Kaujeua, has called on farmers from his constituency to learn from farmers of different constituencies on how to improve the quality of their animals.

The councillor made the remark on Saturday as he officially opened the Otjozondjupa Regional Show in Ovitoto.

Kaujeua acknowledged that many animals from his constituency did not make it to the regional show because of an inferior quality and said this should not discourage the Ovitoto farmers but motivate them to improve next year.

He said the fact that the Otjozondjupa Region chose to host the regional agricultural show for the first time in Ovitoto is sufficient evidence that there is commitment from the Otjozondjupa farmers to assist the Ovitoto farmers.

Kaujeua said he was impressed with the attendance of the farmers at the regional show and said the farmers came in big numbers despite the drought in the area.

The chairperson of the Otjozondjupa Regional Show, Elia Kandjii, said agricultural shows are significant as they enhance and support farmers’ economic initiatives through quality livestock production.

“It creates a platform for farmers to exhibit their products, with the purpose of exchanging information, knowledge and skills so as to improve the quality of their livestock and increase productivity.”

Kandjii appealed to young and new farmers to learn from older and experienced farmers and as a result avoid or minimise mistakes and risks.

He said all endeavours of members with leadership of farming organisations should be in the interest of farmers and the community at large so as to secure unity among the farming community.

“It is without any doubt that well organised and united farming is always a success and productive, but disunity will be a profound damage to our agricultural sector.”

Kandjii congratulated the farmers that brought their animals to the show and said despite the prevailing drought in the region, the farmers remained focused and worked hard to make sure that they participated with quality and well prepared livestock, during this regional exhibition.

Meanwhile, Kaujeua said his constituency has been severely hit by drought. The councillor said the area experienced bush fires four times this year that has completely destroyed grazing.

He said he had contacted officials from the Office of the Prime Minister to assess the area and compile a report, which should be tabled before Cabinet.

Kaujeua said he is planning to meet officials from the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement to request whether farmers affected can move into resettlement farms close to Ovitoto where there are no animals.

He said he visited some of the resettlement farms in the area and there is good grazing, but some only lack water.


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