Call for Concerted Effort in Disaster Management


By Emma Kakololo


Stakeholders have been called upon to have unity of purpose in disaster management.

The Deputy Director of the Emergency Management Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister, Gabriel Kangowa, called for support and cooperation between all stakeholders involved in disaster management in order for them to effectively carry out their mandate.

The Government is crafting a policy to be used as a guideline by all agencies associated with disaster management.

Recently, a consultative meeting was held with stakeholders to get input on the first draft of the policy.

“Our National Policy for Disaster and Risk Management Policy will depend on our unceasing and tireless collective efforts, as a shared responsibility and investment,” said Kangowa at the closure of the meeting.

“Support nowadays is in the form of partnership.” And for such partnerships to work, he said, a clear collaborative way was vital.

“It is here that your participation and contributions come into play,” he stressed. Over the years, Namibia has witnessed an increase in the frequency and severity of natural and man-made disasters. Last year alone, the country suffered more than 10 flooding episodes that caused massive damage to property and displacement of many, while veld fires destroyed over 500??????’?????’?????????????


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