Sorry Ngo – So Un-Romantic Namibian Man


John Ekongo

Laid-back, uncompetitive, no sense of direction, ambitionless, have no clue on how to treat women, irresponsible, immature, the biggest gossip mongers on this site of the earth, want to be taken care of by women.

Lead nomadic lifestyles, squatting with mom today and the various girlfriends the next day, and absolutely no sense of fashion consciousness apart from ethno-challenged type of dress. We have sense with dirty brands and uncared for expensive garments and labels.

All I did was ask my colleague Jennifer on what she thinks of Namibian man.

She went on a flurry of words and the results are what you just read.

Not to be confused with her namesake. Jennifer is quite a character unlike her namesake; we have nicknamed her Jay-po (for obvious reasons) although she harbours no intentions to be like the well behind-blessed Hispanic songbird from Puerto Rico.

Oddly, a question struck me once, how romantic is the ordinary Namibian brother?

Last week after reading Catherine’s column on “Oshakati VIP Dating Game”, it sparked debate in our office and the entire week I heard nothing but constant reminders on how the average man in the Land of the Brave is nothing but a despicable worrisome element to femalehood. The reasons were quite substantial.

As far as Jay-po is concerned, we can have ourselves graded as unromantic, uncluttered and completely egocentrically small cry babies with big wheels and less brains.

“Why all these harsh words, just so that I try to find out from my colleagues?”

We have a distorted idea of what it means to be romantic. The only time we know about romance is when we apparently want to coax our female colleagues into a bit of intimacy. That’s the only time we have the sweetest words. To say the least about gifts and birthdays – we have the lousiest taste.

Now the ladies these days are very cautious to be invited for dinner by the male species, apparently because the guys have cunningly learnt a trick to let the ladies pay for dinner.

“The excuse being “I left my wallet at home. You don’t mind paying?”

The one thing that we do wrong is keeping up appearances, while we know pretty well that there is no way we can sustain the lifestyle. The problem is keeping up appearances. We must discard the habit.

Above that, we have the worst pick up lines something like “Hey me and you seem like we would have a lot of fun tonight”, “You don’t mind If I lend you my credit card?” or the even worse “Would you like to see my car?” To tell the truth this was a pick up line of a very prominent lawyer to someone I know well.

Well, the overall picture is that we are not quite well-versed on the romantic scene.

Therefore, we urge all guys that they be subjected, just this time, to watch the Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey shows to get in-touch with our compassionate side. Let us discard the soccer matches all in the name of romance.

For motivational thought and guidance on how to behave well in front of ladies, we must arrange a talk with the old guys from the 1950’s – simply because they are well-mannered and still practice romance. And that is where it ended, after the ’50s we just had a number of player-inspired men who thought nothing of romance aside from listening to “Marvin Gaye’s “Lets Get It Down” and Gregory Abbott’s “Shake You Down”.

I did not put my own comments in here because, eish I once used to be a romantic boar, but it got me nowhere, so to say the least, I am quite content just sitting in the middle of the fence. And as for my colleague Jay-po, she just has to be strong because it does not seem like the Namibian guy is ready to throw out his caveman attitude for any type of Victorian-inspired full-blown romanticism.

Sorry ngo

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