Special Day for Secretaries


Bosses should at least say ‘thanks’

By Petronella Sibeene


The Namibia Professional Assistance Association (NPAA) has called on all managers of all institutions to acknowledge the work performed by secretaries on Secretary Day, that is commemorated today, September 5.

Secretary Day aims at appreciating the work done by office secretaries and personal assistants.

Yesterday, chairperson of the NPAA Adel Erdtelt bemoaned that such workers were not acknowledged for their work and as such, they are mostly demoralized.

To celebrate the day in their honour this year, the main event will take place in Swakopmund.

“They should acknowledge their secretaries regardless of whichever way – even a simple thank you will make a difference,” she said.

Erdtelt bemoaned that most managers seem not to appreciate the roles of secretaries and have further cut on budgets intended for secretary training.

“Most secretaries are not regarded as part of the team, and there seems to be lack of sound relations between secretaries and management,” she said.

Every month, the association holds networking sessions where secretaries share tips in their fields and discuss how problems arising in the market could be addressed.

The association has organized a gala dinner for September 14. Proceeds from the event will go towards sponsoring two students at the Polytechnic of Namibia who are pursuing a secretarial and office administration course.

Next month, the association will have the Bosses Day where an award will be given to the best boss in the country.

That will be determined by reports from secretaries or personal assistants.
There are over 1 500 secretaries across the country.

According to the Psychology Digest, the following are the preconceived ideas about the life of a secretary:

– they have permanent wrinkles from constant smiles and deadline pressure;

– bad eyesight from deciphering poor handwriting;

– are hard of hearing from exposure to telephone and dictaphone duty;

– finger cancer from too many rewrites, retype and paper cuts;

– wear tennis shoes to track down the boss for meetings the boss forgot to attend;

– hair is frazzled from bad nerves;

– front teeth have been lost in fights over taking breaks and lunch;

– bad posture from bending over typewriter;

– hand lost from repair of copy machine;

– tacky clothing from 25 years of low pay.


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