Central Bank Appoints Helena as New Head


By Frederick Philander


She sees her new post as Head of Corporate Communication at the Bank of Namibia as a great challenge and a door opener for her career in the country’s banking sector that is primarily dominated by men.

This is the view of Helene Badenhorst, formerly of Bank Windhoek, who started yesterday at the central bank of Namibia.

“The difference between my former job and the new one is that I directly report to the bank’s governor. Coming from a private banking institution and now working in a regulatory one, I see the new post as a very positive step for me in the country’s banking industry,” said Badenhorst, who hails from Otjiwarongo.

She is of the opinion that her responsibilities will now multiply especially in the promotion of education, which forms a central part of the Bank of Namibia’s mission.

“At present, most commercial banks focus on the development of the country’s informal sector by way of very effective programmes in order to promote a better understanding of banking. In this, my former job offered me many opportunities, which I hope to implement on a larger scale,” she said.

Badenhorst obtained a four-year B-Com degree in communication from the North-west University at Potchefstroom in 2001 and has since been employed in the banking sector.

“Though offering many opportunities, the Namibian banking industry can be very competitive for women in high positions. It is an industry with many misperceptions by the general public. To many people, banking is all about money, whereas the banking sector plays a very important role in the economy of any country.

“Therefore, my philosophy is that in whatever position I find myself, I have to be ready for everything,” said Badenhorst, who intends studying for an MA in communication next year.


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