NGO Calls for Meeting on NSHR/Nujoma


By Kuvee Kangueehi


The Forum for the Future of Africa (FFF) has called on President Hifikepunye Pohamba to convene a meeting with the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) other human rights watchdogs and religious leaders to put the issue of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Founding President Sam Nujoma to rest.

In a media release issued on Wednesday, the FFF reacted to attempts by the NSHR Executive Director Phil ya Nangoloh to bring Nujoma and three other Swapo members before the ICC for alleged war crimes.

The FFF said both Swapo Party and Nujoma as well as other groups of people in Namibia had suffered while others had died in their quest for peace in Namibia, and thus it was highly questionable that only a few individuals should be taken to the ICC for prosecution on the disappearances of people.

The organization said Africans fought against the whites first and were forcefully removed from their land but today are living side by side.

“We dine and sleep together with them in Africa and they are the very same people that butchered our ancestors, why don’t we take them to the ICC for them to be prosecuted?”

The non-governmental organisation (NGO) said if Nujoma must be tried at the ICC, then the apartheid activists who killed many Africans and the killers of Steve Biko must all be taken to the ICC.

“Why do we hate each other? If a white man does a thing even if it is horrible against humankind in Africa there is no problem, but once a black man does a little mistake then he must be hanged and imprisoned.”

The NGO appealed to the western world who are sponsoring the NSHR to refrain and stop taking advantage of Africa’s poverty to bankroll conflicts, which is the case with the ICC injunction.

“The money we need in Africa is not for war. We need money to develop our continent. If you are a sympathizer please sympathize our poverty, not fights.”

The FFF said it believes that both Ya Nangoloh and Nujoma have no case to answer, only that there is a personal issue and the place to sort it out is not the ICC.

“There is no NGO or human rights group, both nationally or internationally, which lobbied for funds from the international community to drag either apartheid’s Louis Pienaar or PW Botha to the ICC and no donor could fund such a move.”

The FFF called on all people of Africa to be very cautious on their actions caused by other people who aimed at causing wars, instability and divisions amongst the African race.


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