Air Namibia Extends Its Wings


By Staff Reporter


Namibia and Nigeria recently entered into a joint accord on a Bilateral Air Services Agreement for direct air flights between the two countries.

This comes soon after the two aeronautical authorities signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on August 13 for the immediate introduction of air services between the two countries.

The MoU for the immediate introduction of air services between Namibia and Nigeria was agreed upon and signed to give administrative force to the yet to be signed Bilateral Air Services Agreement.

The initial draft agreement was revised in order to address the challenges of the liberalization of access to air transport markets in Africa.

The draft document will then be forwarded to the respective legal chambers for further scrutiny before being signed by the two countries’ line ministers responsible for air transport.

The initiative of introducing scheduled air transport services between Namibia and Nigeria also paves the way for the two governments to look forward to direct air services between the capital and commercial centres of the two countries.

“Direct flights will save air travellers’ money and time, while saving airlines’ operational costs. This will also signal the end of passengers travelling from Namibia to Nigeria to connect to their destinations through Europe,” reads the joint communiqu


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