Flood Victims Relocation Begins


By Petronella Sibeene


The relocation of thousands of villagers in the Caprivi Region, who were displaced by floods a few months ago, is expected to start today.

The Acting Director of the Directorate Emergency Management in the Office of the Prime Minister, Gabriel Kangowa, told New Era yesterday that the transportation of flood victims from temporary camps to their permanent dwellings starts today at 06h00.

He said 145 people would be picked up from camps pitched up at Lusese A and Lusese B and Kabbe through the Wenela Border Post via Mwandi in Zambia back to Namibia.

Another 203 would be transported from Kabbe to Malindi using six trucks while 157 would be moved from Masikili.

Tomorrow, 128 people would be relocated from Lusese to Nakabolelwa via Ihaha to Ivilivinzi.

About 605 will be relocated from Kabbe to Shimalaha Harbour in Zambia and back to their villages in Namibia. Another 507 would be transported from Lusese through Ivilivinzi to Ikabba village in Ihaha.

“We will use five boats, 11 trucks and three buses. We might also use our banana boats,” he said.

The relocation exercise lasts until Monday.

Transportation could not start earlier as most families highlighted that relocation should only take place after schools were closed to enable school-going children to move together with their families.

Schools close today.

According to Kangowa, through the Emergency Management Unit (EMU), the Government would provide the flood victims with food rations for three months.

“We will ration food for August, September, and October. From there, we will see how we can assist further,” said Kangowa.

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