Stimulating Storytelling Workshop to Benefit All


By Frederick Philander


Fifteen enthusiastic actors and ordinary Namibian workers have been taking part for the past ten days in an exciting storytelling workshop at the Theatre School in the capital.

German theatre expert, Nikola Hubsch, was the facilitator of the workshop which was aimed at developing and sharpening the storytelling skills of the participants and which culminated in a work-in-progress, which will be performed tonight at 18h00.

“I concentrated and focused on the basic elements of storytelling, the creation of own stories and how to retell such stories to an audience.

It is a good method of taking people back to their roots, an important element for cultural development,” said Hubsch.

It was a voluntary workshop that was attended by actors and ordinary Namibians with a natural flair for storytelling.

“To me, as a freelance theatre practitioner in Germany, the workshop was a good experience to help develop this genre in Namibia, especially for actors who find it hard to get employment in the local entertainment industry.

The participants have now learned new skills, and it is my hope they will go out and work among learners in Namibian schools.

Children can benefit much educationally from this sort of entertainment,” she said.


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