Goodbye to an Old Friend Farayi


Death robbed the SADC region in particular and Africa in general of one of its best known journalists in the profession when Farayi Munyuki passed away on 30 July 2007 at Gweru in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

I met Farayi for the first time in 1973 in Lusaka, Zambia when I arrived there from East Africa to join my Namibian comrades at the SW APO Provisional Headquarters. He was then a well known journalist in that country.

Having worked for radio and the print media in Dar es Salaam; Radio Tanzania and the Daily News (Tanzania), I resumed my professional activities in Lusaka and we used to meet a lot.

I contributed to the Weekender – a supplement of the Zambia Daily Mail which Farayi edited – but later on concentrated mainly on writing for the Times of Zambia as a correspondent on Southern Africa, until the time of my departure in 1989.

We travelled together to Lom??????’??


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