Namibian Artist Excels in London


By Frederick Philander


Local singer, dancer and actor Steven Afrikaner, has had great creative success on a recent excursion to London.

This was said by the PRO of Steventertainment, Diana Beukes, in an e-mail message to Art/Life.

“Steven had been very busy recording the soundtrack of a Warner Brothers film, The Boyfriend, which will soon be internationally released. The recordings were done at the well known West-End Apollo Theatre with a 65-member symphony orchestra. Steven just sang his heart out and was highly praised,” Beukes said.

Afrikaner also acted in the international film, 10 000 BC, as a young priest.
“I think Namibian artists,like Steven Afrikaner, are destined for great things in the future,” she said.

In a personal message to Art/Life, Steven had the following to say about his London experiences.

“I would like to thank all Namibians for their contributions to my artistic career as it is only now really picking up well and I am starting to enjoy the fruits of it all. I’m here in London on invitation of Warner Brothers Studios to record a movie soundtrack of which we finished the first three songs successfully this week, and I am left to do another two songs,” he said.

According to Afrikaner it has been a great experience working with a world-class orchestra and musicians.

“They have taken their art very seriously with passion for the music business. I am but a learner-participant (contributor),
yet considered to be a ‘big’ artist in my own right as they say about my voice on this excursion.”

“It indeed has been a good experience and I am sure one that will help all other Namibian artists.

“In fact, African artists around here are mostly known for chants; to be noticed as people with proper voices, is what my musical director and vocal coach said when I easily did the high pitches. I am loving it so much and I am very grateful to God for sparing and blessing this beautiful life,” he said.


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