Government Action Required over School Violence


By Frederick Philander


The Congress of Democrats has called on the government to deal with violence in Namibian schools as a matter of urgency.

This was announced in a statement by CoD party spokesman, Natjinkasorua Tjirera.

“The recent gang-related violence that led to the killing of an NDF soldier because of his relationship with a learner at Khomas Secondary School and the death of a learner near David Bezuidenhout Secondary School, are clear signs of an education system gone wrong and which is in need of being addressed without further delay,” Tjirera said.

In his view, these incidents demand government intervention from the highest political level.

“The Congress of Democrats condemns the poor state of security at our schools and calls on the government to act swiftly to prevent further loss of lives. We urge the Ministers of Education and Safety and Security to act on the issue and prevent the escalation of further crimes, as well as to ensure that gang violence be rooted out of our schools. Our schools are educational centres and the environment should be conducive to learning,” he said.

“Our education should instill a sense of self- and mutual respect among all stakeholders, especially the learners. We believe the education system is failing the youth and is driving them into the hands of ruthless criminals, who abuse them and turn them into monsters.

The government should know that teenagers are very vulnerable and should be guided carefully as they grow up so as to prevent them from going astray. We should collectively ensure that the future of the youth in this country is built on a solid foundation,” he concluded.

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