New Money Programme Launched on TV


By Staff Reporter

Namfisa CEO Rainer Ritter last week launched Bank Windhoek’s Money Matters Television Series, aimed at strengthening the bank’s commitment to consumer education and financial literacy.

“This consumer education initiative of Bank Windhoek is aimed at empowering consumers with relevant knowledge to enable them to make more informed decisions about their personal finance and lifestyles,” said Bank Windhoek Managing Director, James Hill, at the launch.

The programme also aims to provide helpful tips to clients on how to save on their bank charges, amongst other things.

A statement released by the bank said Money Matters supports industry initiatives such as the annual Bank Week organised by the Bank of Namibia in partnership with commercial banks

From the end of July 2007, clients and stakeholders will be able to view the Bank Windhoek Money Matters television series on both One Africa Television and the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

The Money Matters television series will run over a period of 26 weeks during the following time slots:

One Africa Television
– Mondays at 19:25
– Wednesdays at 18:55
– Saturdays at 10:55

NBC Television
– Mondays at 19:20
– Fridays at 19:45

Bank Windhoek said it understood that the provision and access to adequate information about banking and properly advising their clients on banking solutions were necessary to strengthen their relationship with them.

“We are confident that the Money Matters television series will be well received and that it will set a new benchmark for consumer education in Namibia. As the only Namibian bank, it only makes sense that Bank Windhoek takes the lead with consumer education and financial literacy,” said James Hill.

Bank Windhoek said the weekly Money Matters newspaper column will continue to be published and will not be replaced by the television series.

To ensure that clients and stakeholders can always refer back to previous editions of Money Matters, the bank will publish all editions of Money Matters on the Bank Windhoek website at


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