Hospital Market Unhygienic


By Lynette Kozosi


The Medical Superintendent of the Katutura Hospital, Dr Colin Gariseb, has expressed concern about unhygienic conditions at the informal market operating outside the premises of the Katutura State Hospital’s main entrance.

Despite the establishment of the informal market three years ago, some people still sell their products at prohibited places and littering is the order of the day.

What makes matters worse is that people using the nearby taxi rank have a habit of urinating on outside walls, which results in a bad stench at the hospital entrance.

At times, the culprits do this in full view of women selling their goods.
In light of this, Gariseb said: “The public should learn to take care of what has been provided to them, people damage things and then complain that they are in a bad state.”

The market was completed in November 2004 at a cost of N$ 541 513.59. It was built by the City of Windhoek whereas central government donated the land for the construction of the market. The market currently accommodates around 22 people who rent space from the municipality. Fees vary between N$ 20 and N$40 depending on the amount of space rented. There are toilets behind the market.

The market mainly sells food, drinks, scones and fruits to both patients and visitors.

However, there are still those few who feel the rent is too high and operate outside the market.

“It’s unfair; these people are taking our customers away from us, and even the hospital staff do business inside and as a result people don’t come out to buy from us,” Theresia Kauazunda said.

She feels that as people who pay rent they should have exclusive rights to sell there.

Kauazunda, who has been at the market since it opened in November 2004, says the market is the best thing that happened to them.

“Business is good here despite the competition, but it’s quiet at the beginning of the month, but at least we get by with what we make here,” she said.

Gariseb told New Era that despite the availability of this space to the people, the assistance of the City Police is required sometimes to remove the people who don’t have the right to sell or operate from there.


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